Cyber Safety 2021


Cyber space has expanded over time and crossed the age group that ever imagined. Currently 6 years old onwards are the new netizen’s and they are wandering around the cyber space like never before.

Almost 15% of India’s internet users aged between 5-11 years. At 451 million, Indian is 2nd only to China in terms of monthly active internet users

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By 2025, online fraud will be greater than the conventional crime.

The following are the examples of fraud that might increase:

  1. Cyber pornography
  2. Sale of illegal article
  3. Online gambling
  4. Intellectual property crimes
  5. Email spoofing
  6. Cyber defamation
  7. Cyber stalking
  8. Unauthorized access to computer systems or networks
  9. Email bombing
  10. Data diddling
  11. Salami attacks in online frauds
  12. Denial of service attack
  13. Virus or worm attack
  14. Online fraud using time theft
  15. Web jacking for online frauds
  16. Online fraud in BPO sector

Source: indiaforensic

India had 451 million internet users at the end of March 2019, second only to China in terms of monthly active internet users, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) said in its report titled ‘India Internet 2019’.

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